Joe Biden is traveling to East Palestine, Ohio for the first time today since the historic chemical explosion over a year ago.

Joe Biden is traveling to East Palestine, Ohio on Friday where he is expected to deliver remarks.

This will be Joe Biden’s first visit to the rural Ohio community since the historic train derailment and chemical explosion over a year ago.

Biden is scheduled to deliver remarks at 4:45 PM this afternoon.

Old Joe will then leave for another weekend in Delaware for some relaxation.

On Feb. 3, 2022, just before 9 p.m. Eastern, a Norfolk Southern train derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, a small Midwestern town of about 4,800 people near the Ohio border with Pennsylvania.

At least 11 of the train cars that derailed contained hazardous materials. Several cars were carrying vinyl chloride, a cancer-causing substance.

Government officials decided to burn the chemicals rather than let them drain onto the ground. The chemical explosion was enormous. The chemicals formed a gigantic toxic plume over the region.

Toxic chemical explosion in East Palestine, Ohio after 2023 train derailment.

Joe Biden promised to visit at some point. Today will be his first visit to the town.

Trump visited almost immediately and got a hero’s welcome, prompting a visit from our completely useless transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, which was nothing more than a lame attempt to save face by the Biden administration.

In this previous video, Karine Jean-Pierre is repeatedly asked by the press when Biden is going to visit the town and she just keeps putting them off.

316 days ago, Biden promised he would visit East Palestine, Ohio, “at some point.”

He hasn’t — and won’t — because he is a lying

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 13, 2024

Biden simply doesn’t care.

The people of East Palestine have been abandoned by this feckless administration! So sinister! Heck the whole country has been abandoned by this corrupt regime!

— Kathleen Winchell (@KathleenWinche3) January 13, 2024

Anyone remember this? Democrats are Americans LAST!! Never forget! Please, let’s make this go viral.

— AllyinTucson (@Rockinthe60z) January 13, 2024

The White House announced in January that Joe Biden will be visiting East Palestine, Ohio in February. A date was not listed.

President Trump visited the disaster site nearly a year ago after the horrific disaster.

Today Joe will swing by – a year after the devastation.

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