President Trump spoke with reporters on Friday following his fourth day in court this week in New York City.

President Trump is charged with crimes that have yet to be explained to the jury. This latest lawfare suit is taking place in front of corrupt Judge Juan Merchan whose daughter is making millions off of the case. It is a complete travesty of justice. But this is what happens when far-left lunatics are allowed to break down societal norms and go after their political opponents by corrupting the justice system.

On Friday former Trump associate Hope Hicks testified in court. It was another nothing-burger. She said nothing that would incriminate the president.

Following the testimony today President Trump spoke with reporters outside the courtroom.

President Trump pointed out the obvious.  The Democrats are ruining people’s lives. They are using the courts to go after their political opponents.

Reporter: What was it like seeing Hope Hicks again?

President Trump:  I’m not allowed to comment on any of that. As you know, I’m under a gag order, which is very unprecedented. But I will say this, that the government… What they’ve done to people in my company, they’ve been after us for years. You take a look at what’s happened for years. The Democrats, the radical left, they’ve been after us for years, and they’ve destroyed people’s lives. They’ve gone out, hired lawyers. – They’ve been sucked dry. It’s a shame what they’ve done to this country. It’s a shame what they’ve done to a lot of great people that have been absolutely ruined and destroyed, not only here, all over…

…These are vicious, vicious radical left lunatics. The DA here… They shouldn’t be wasting time on this. Look what they do to so many people. They’re all lawyered up. That’s all they do, lawyer up In the meantime, you can’t do anything in the country. The country is going to hell

They have no time. They have no anything left because they’re always under siege. It’s a terrible, terrible thing happening in our country. And hopefully, on November 5th, the most important day in the history of our country, in my opinion, that’s called Election Day. Hopefully, it’s going to change because these people are destroying our country, whether at the border, whether the horrible reports that came out today, or jobs numbers, we’re going to hear, whether inflation, which is destroying us, Afghanistan, allowing Russia to attack Ukraine, would have never happened.

Then you take October 7th in Israel, that would have never happened. All of these things happening, and all they do is they go after people. They destroy people, and it’s a shame. I just want to wish everybody a very good weekend. I was very interested in what took place today, but I just have to say we have a country to build. We have to rebuild it. Our country has gone to hell. We’re a nation in decline, and we cannot let that happen to the USA. Thank you very much.

Via Trump War Room.

PRESIDENT TRUMP on the BIDEN TRIALS: It’s a shame what they’ve done to this country and it’s a shame what they’ve done to a lot of great people that have been absolutely ruined and destroyed.

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) May 3, 2024

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