Woke health chief’s 78-word woman definition

by NINA NGUYEN – AUSTRALIA’s Health Chief has been lambasted for buying into “radical gender theory” after providing a 78-word definition of a “woman”. 

In April, Health Secretary Brendan Murphy was asked to define what a “woman” is by Liberal Senator Alex Antic during Senate Estimates.

“They had three months to go and ponder what a woman is. And three months later, they came back and they still can’t tell us, which is quite unbelievable…
Bella d’Abrera
Institute of Public Affairs

Mr Murphy said that “there are a variety of definitions”. “Just a simple one,” replied Senator Antic.

“We should take that on notice,” Murphy continued.


“It’s a very contested space at the moment, Senator. I mean, there are obviously biological definitions, but there are definitions in terms of how people identify themselves, so we’re happy to provide our working definition on notice.”

Mr Murphy only provided his answer to Senator Antic last week, on June 23, in which he noted that the Department of Health “does not adopt a single definition”.

“Health policies and access to health programs are based on clinical evidence and clinical need for all Australians, regardless of gender identity, biological characteristics or genetic variations,” his statement read.

“Our programs are designed to be inclusive and to provide better health and wellbeing for all Australians.”

The Director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute of Public Affairs, Ms Bella d’Abrera, said the top health bureaucrat’s definition of a “woman” is “more like an honours thesis straight out of a Gender Studies Department”.

“They had three months to go and ponder what a woman is. And three months later, they came back, and they still can’t tell us, which is quite unbelievable,” she told Sky News on Monday.


Ms d’Abrera added that a woman is “an adult female human being”.

She said the Department of Health “has completely bought into radical gender theory which has been infesting … in the background of the universities and is now evident in all our institutions”.

She further noted it was “hypocritical” that the federal government was spending billions of dollars on women and girls while at the same time being unable to define what is a woman.

“So what is it today? Do they believe a woman exists, or do they not? And if you don’t believe it exists, why are you spending millions of dollars on something you don’t believe exists?”

“It’s totally schizophrenic.”

In Australia, the federal government removed the definition of sex-based discrimination from the Sex Discrimination Act in 2013 to replace it with gender identity-based discrimination.

“You may choose to identify as a gender that may or may not be the same as the sex you were designated with at birth,” the Victorian Human Rights Commission has stated on its website.

“Your right to do so is protected under the Act as gender identity.”

University of Melbourne political philosophy senior lecturer Holly Lawford-Smith told Melbourne’s Sun-Herald newspaper the situation is a “typical” example of progressives at the moment “who cannot utter basic truths because they worry about offending minority groups”.

“We need to reclaim some common sense in law and policy-making.” PC

Nina Nguyen

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Brendan Murphy. (courtesy Canberra Weekly)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on June 27, 2022. Re-used with permission.

7 thoughts on “Woke health chief’s 78-word woman definition

  1. I believe my comments would be appropriate to add here also – talk about Dangerous Lunatics. !!

    The Political, Medical, Big Pharma and Big Media Mobsters have never told the truth and never will. They don’t give a damn about people or the deaths/adverse reactions/disabilities from jabs, injections, Vaccines – they never have and you would have more luck getting human excrement from a rocking horse than any in mainstream medicine admitting that vaccines have been and are causing deaths injuries and disabilities.
    It’s not about “health” – it’s always been about total control, power and money and the rest of the population needs to wake up NOW.

    THE DISGRACE OF MAINSTREAM MEDICINE Disgusting that Doctors don’t care about patients. What happened to their sacred Oath “First Do No Harm” and “Informed Consent or Refusal of Medical Treatment”. The power and control of Big Pharma and Big Medicine Big Media and Globalists have destroyed all our rights freedoms and choices. How much longer can this go on the medical terrorising of Populations ?!
    Queensland Teacher’s life ‘ruined’ after severe reaction to Pfizer shot.
    They still demand she has a Second to keep her Teaching Job.
    Government and Medical Tyrannical Lunatics in Power and yet Professor of Law Mr Augusto Zimmerman previously stated that the Government actions are unlawful.
    The Revolving Doors/Corruption/Conflicts of Interest with Big Pharma Big Medicine Big Media and Globalists must be dealt with by the abolition of all mandates which must be abolished permanently and irrevocably for all time.

  2. So Australia now has an Ambassador for Women and Girls.

    They’re going to need more carriages on the gravy train.

  3. When I was at school I was told that a woman is a person born with two XX chromosomes and a male is a person born with an X and a Y chromosome. Was it that difficult for Dr Murphy to give a one second answer to Senator Antic. Its not rocket science !. Did he really qualify as a DR ????

  4. I’ll bet this creep has no trouble defining what a fat salary is! He’d sell out the Australian people for a quick earn, only he and his ilk have already done that and are counting the interest on the sale.

  5. Given Mr Murphy is on circa $500k per annum, one would have thought he was smarter than to not know what a woman is, to not know from whence he came or through what a birth canal is. Perhaps Alex Antic should have rephrased the question, “is your birth mother a woman?” followed by “and what would you say has defined that answer”.

    BTW the answer to the question taken on notice was just a typically Government Department woke response. Where if you do have a vagina, you might still be confused as to whether you can claim to be a woman.

  6. There’s a kid in the movie Kindergarten COP, about three years old with more intelligence than Health Secretary Brendan Murphy. He managed to nail it in eight words. ‘Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.’


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