Leftist Kean can’t even ‘spell Liberal’

NSW BUDGET – IRATE former Federal Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has laid waste to Matt Kean’s first State budget, saying the L-plate Treasurer was “so far Left” he was incapable of even “spelling Liberal”. 

The former MP for Mackellar was scathing of Mr Kean’s June 21 budget describing it as anti-conservative in an interview on Paul Murray Live this week. 

“They want to see international government – a socialist regime of which they will be a part and will order your life and tell you what you may or may not do…
Bronwyn Bishop
Former Federal Speaker

“How on earth can you have somebody who says they’re a Liberal introduce a new tax,” Ms Bishop said in retaliation to NSW’s new home-owners tax.

“It reminded me that Premier Perrottet’s advisor and confidante is [former Labor PM] Paul Keating who, of course, was the master of giving us new taxes.


“It worries the living daylights out of me that we can have a treasurer like Matt Kean, who is so far Left I don’t think he could spell Liberal.

“What they’re doing is wanting home owners to pay tax forever.

“A one-off stamp duty is paid at a point of time when the value of the land is fixed. But under this system home owners will pay forever.”

Ms Bishop also took aim at the inflationary impact of increased spending and renewable energy subsidies.

“When I listened to that budget come down today with more spending, this pretence about the cost of living is just so false.

“Because the size of your wage, what matters, is what you can buy with it.

“These poor people who have been given a 5.2 per cent increase in their wage because of a slip-of-the-tongue by Mr Albanese, they think it’s terrific – and it is terrific.

“But what will happen is, the pressures that will come to bear plus all these other taxes – both in NSW and in Queensland – they could well find themselves where the increased money will buy them less.

“That’s the problem with inflation and that’s the problem with wage-push chasing inflation.”

Ms Bishop warned that Green taxation and energy policies – as pushed by the NSW Treasurer – were dangerous.

“Socialists want to tear down the existing society,” she said. “This is what they do.”


“They destroy society. If you take it to the extreme you end up with [Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge revolutionary] Pol Pot who killed anyone who didn’t agree with them or had any education that remembered their past – that remembered the sort of society they had.

“The Greens simply don’t want the nation State of Australia.

“They want to see international government – the socialist international regime of which they will be a part and will order your life and tell you what to do and what you may or may not do.

“That’s their idea. And don’t forget that the other aim of the Greens is to reduce the number of humans in the planet.

“So if you have to starve them to death – or get rid of people in any other way – that’s their absolute aim.”

She said Coalition governments across Australia had betrayed Australia’s working class on energy policy.

“What really makes me angry is that conservative governments for the past 10 years had the opportunity to stop subsidising so-called renewables,” Ms Bishop said.

“And to put an end to this farce that it is supposed to be cheap.

“If that had happened and the market had really worked, you’d have gas and coal competing and you’d have a good balance in the market.


“The reality is that up to 80 per cent of everything we use – that keeps out lights on, that keeps our bath water hot, that gives us a hot cup of tea, whatever – comes from fossil fuels.

“It’s here to stay. In Europe they’re re-opening their coal-fired power stations. China uses our coal and our iron ore to make battle ships with which they want to conquer us.

“And we are sitting here saying we can’t have gas in Victoria.

“It makes me so angry that we had the opportunity to do something and we did nothing.”PC

We had 10 years to do good, and we did nothing…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Bronwyn Bishop. (courtesy The West Australian)

5 thoughts on “Leftist Kean can’t even ‘spell Liberal’

  1. Bronwyn Bishop is correct unless changes are made back to a Centre right party the LNP is doomed.
    The current NSW LNP government under the current Premier and Treasurer will be outed and another Labor /Greens Govt installed in NSW. If we are to demonize coal and gas we need to go to 80% Nuclear energy to replace the coal fired power stations to minimize costs and keep the lights on 24/7. Studies show Life cycle costs of Wind and Sun are far greater than Nuclear ( Look at Europe/UK Japan and the USA)

  2. BB is correct; but nothing will change. We have seen the WA, SA LNP parties destroyed because of their green, woke betrayal of conservatism. The victoristan election will see the gutless LNP fools down there destroyed and QLD will be no better; and the irony is the ALP in both victoristan and QLD are both inept and corrupt.

    And Perrottet is another gutless puppet; this fool presented as a conservative catholic but his weak capitulation to the Kean green and wokeness was quick and complete.

    Australia is crying out for a genuine conservative party. The LNP is no longer it. The tragedy is a potential powerhouse like Australia will continue to decline because of gutless politicians who cannot stand up to the commie green/alp alliance.

  3. Well done Bronwyn, I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. I was desperately hoping that Premier Dom Perrottet would be a strong leader for our state but, alas, my hopes were dashed when he chose Matt Kean as Treasurer, it seems to me that Kean is merely an errand boy for Malcolm Turnbull and will not be shown the door because of factional voting in the party.

  4. Great Article Bronwyn. These people are on the way to destroying the Liberal Party. The Party must get back to its centre right roots or vanish. We had people falling over themselves to establish their woke credentials in the Federal election and look where that got them.

  5. BB has a good point and the new House Tax (whatever you wish to call it) is perhaps something that all home and house buyers need to consider before selecting that method of payment since it will probably affect resale value of the house given the recurrent costs to ownership on a continual basis and it is at the whim of the State Lands Department as to what the “value” of the land (UCV) is actually worth and therefore how much tax the owner gets to donate tot he Government.

    But let’s face it, Kean should be sidled up to Bandt, both of them are Green nutters who are not able to accept anyone elses ideas and not up for any robust debate where they actually listen. However, the one who needs to take full responsibility for Kean, is Perrottet. It is Perrottet who needs to get to grips on reality and be less arrogant (is that possible?), seek and take advice from someone in the know (be it treasury or energy) and give Kean a guiding light or a “dont come monday”.


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