We are all aware of the many allegations against Trump regarding a “Trump-Russia Collusion“. Now Europe is facing a strategically organized defamation campaign of even greater extent: NGOs with concealed ties to the state, governments and even intelligence services are collaborating to destroy all right-wing anti-globalist parties.

The latest victim of this epic scheme is Petr Bystron, spokesman on foreign affairs for the AfD (Germany’s right-wing opposition) and candidate in the German Bundestag: On March 28th, the Czech news platform Denik N revealed it had been informed that the Czech Security Information Service BIS (national intelligence agency) was in possession of a damning audio recording which proved that Bystron had been bribed by the pro-Russian network Voice of Europe. The day after, the SPIEGEL, a news outlet of the German mainstream media, confirmed the source. The SPIEGEL is well-known for its smear articles against right-wing politicians and influencers.

However, these allegations are indeed so serious that, if true, they put the integrity of the entire AfD into question.

Immediately, the heads of the party, D.r Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla, issued an ultimatum to Bystron, demanding a clear statement:

“To address all allegations conclusively and to respond appropriately from the Federal Executive Board of our party, you are requested to demand the Federal Spokespersons Dr. Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla to provide a written statement regarding the claims made against you by tomorrow, Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 2:00 PM.”

And he delivered.

In a now-public letter, he not only denied the allegations but provided a detailed explanation of the globalist motives behind this international defamation campaign:

“That this globalist campaign was launched in the Czech Republic is no coincidence. The government of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala is among the strongest proponents of continuing the war in Ukraine, with the Czech arms industry being one of the biggest beneficiaries of the conflict worldwide. In the same session, the Czech government passed further sanctions against “Voice of Europe” and also approved additional ammunition purchases for Ukraine.”

Most importantly, both Bystron himself and Voice of Europe, the alleged secret Russian donor, insisted on the publication of the audio recording.

So where is it?

That… is kind of the problem. The BIS refuses to disclose the evidence. In fact, nobody outside of the BIS has ever seen or heard it. Not the media, not even the Czech government.

And yet, all national media platforms report on the scandal. Politicians from opposing parties are outraged. The vice president of the EU Commission announces: “I am convinced that what we know now is just the tip of the iceberg!”

What tip? There is not a single piece of evidence. Previous interview guests of Voice of Europe, such as Czech politician Svoboda, German politician Max Krahfeld and Italian European People’s Party lawmaker also confirmed that money was never mentioned.

“Of course not. What a question is this?” the latter told Politico. “It makes me laugh when you ask me if I got money from Russia … because I come from a very well-off family.”

There are no icebergs, just hot air – perfectly in accordance with the left’s climate alarmism.

But why would the Czech government be interested in the downfall of the AfD by discrediting Bystron?

In fact, there are many reasons: Bystron himself was born in the Czech Republic and has wielded great political influence there. In 2022, he gave an outstanding speech in Prague that moved over 100,000 people, The Gateway Pundit reported. “Freedom, freedom!” the crowd shouted back in approval.

Moreover, it is well known that the Czech government is extremely unpopular among its citizens. Largely due to its radical stance in favor of war against Russia.

The AfD has long been criticized for its “pro-Russia” views. To be fair, though, their stance is simply anti-war. Just recently, it was exposed that the German Bundeswehr had secretly planned to launch extremely destructive Taurus missiles against Russia. The AfD vehemently condemns this attack. The Gateway Pundit covered this topic.

Since Bystron’s response, AfD party leader Chrupalla has decided to let Bystron run as a candidate for the European election.

Now one can only hope that the BIS will not create a false audio recording with AI technology.

As Bystron has pointed out: This defamation campaign is no singular incident. It appears to be part of a collaborated effort to undermine the increasingly popular right-wing movements within Europe.

Michael Shellenberger recently shared his investigation into the topic on X.

Russia bribed politicians, EU officials claimed. But they provided no proof and made no arrests. And now, Public has learned, NGOs are working as front groups for Western military and intelligence agencies to spread disinformation and interfere, illegally, in European elections. pic.twitter.com/crpMN5imrC

— Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger) April 5, 2024

There’s more: When the German newspaper ZEIT asked the spokesperson for the Czech Secret Service about the evidence, which he refused to show, the interview ended as follows:

“The BIS spokesperson did not want to disclose further details because it is an active case involving multiple European intelligence agencies.“

Interesting. So who else is in on this? Perhaps there is an iceberg beneath these false allegations after all?

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