The über Globalist and Eurofanatic Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was handed a hard blow by the voters as the Conservative Nationalist opposition party Law and Justice (PiS) came first in Poland’s local government elections.

It amounts to a big setback for Tusk’s ambitions to solidify his grip on power.

Reuters reported:

“If confirmed, the results would dash Tusk’s hopes of leading his Civic Coalition (KO) grouping to first place in the election independently of its partners in the ruling alliance.”

While conservatives of PiS came in ahead of Tusk’s KO, it was not a complete victory, as it was still behind the ‘combined score’ of the three groupings that make up the coalition government.

“PiS scored 33.7%, according to the Ipsos exit poll, ahead of centrist KO, which had 31.9%. The other groupings in government, the Christian conservative Third Way and the Left scored 13.5% and 6.8% respectively.

‘The unsinkable PiS… However you look at it, it’s a substantial defeat for the image (of Tusk’s party)’, Krzysztof Izdebski, policy director at the Stefan Batory Foundation think-tank, wrote on X.”

This is yet another proof of how tenuous is Tusk’s grip on power, since he became Prime Minister in an election where, though his coalition got a majority, PiS was the most voted party.

Tusk promised to reverse what the globalist have called a ‘democratic backsliding’, but clear-thinking minds know to be just patriotic and anti-globalist policies against abortion, unchecked mass migration and ‘green’ climate alarmist European nonsense.

“Brussels is closely watching how Tusk’s coalition fares as it faces European Parliament elections in June, while Europe-wide opinion polls suggest the populist right will perform well.

Speaking shortly after exit polls were published, Tusk said his group’s failure to emerge on top was partly due to strong turnout in PiS heartlands in eastern Poland and throughout the countryside.”

Tusk’s party did well in Warsaw, where the incumbent mayor Rafal Trzaskowski secured re-election without having to go into a second round of voting.

Trzaskowski is the name KO wants to be the candidate for President in an election due next year.

The Presidency is key for Tusk’s ambitions to reform the judiciary and to diminish the influence of PiS’ conservative ideals on public life.

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