Bungling Matt Kean’s latest face-plant

NSW Environment & Energy Minister Matt Kean has prioritised his personal ideology first and foremost, placing NSW citizens’ jobs at risk while doing so. 

The Liberal Party minister, enthusiastically nicknamed Captain Planet by his Greens Party allies, has been accused of sabotaging NSW energy investment. 

Last week Mr Kean publicly questioned why energy company Santos would bother to invest $3.6b in NSW gas production. 


“I just think it’s a big gamble for them, particularly in this environment,” he told The Australian newspaper.

“We’re seeing people getting out of fossil fuels and that will only increase.”

Kean’s actions have again raised the ire of Prime Minister Scott Morrison who, for the second time in 2020, has publicly accused him of being out of line.

“If you’re not for gas, you’re not for manufacturing jobs,” the Prime Minister said in response.

“He’s out of step with his own government, with his Premier and with the deal he struck with the federal government. You’ve got to stick to deals and stick to your word.”

Mr Morrison also savaged Mr Kean earlier this year after the NSW minister blamed his State’s devastating wildfires on climate change, playing down the fact he’d significantly reduced hazard reduction burns across the State.

In response to his latest misstep, Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor said Mr Kean was at odds with the interests of the people of NSW.

“We need reliable energy, and gas and coal are critical to that,” Mr Taylor told Sky News anchor Alan Jones on Thursday.

“He’s saying we can power our grid cheaply through solar and batteries – well the truth of the matter is we can’t.


“Gas and coal play an enormously important role for industrial manufacturing.”

Even senior Labor figures slapped down Mr Kean.

Shadow Energy Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said he was tired of the likes of Matt Kean.

“I’m tired of people telling investors who are prepared to put billions of dollars into these projects, that their venture is not commercial,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: NSW Environment & Energy Minister Matt Kean. (courtesy Domain)
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6 thoughts on “Bungling Matt Kean’s latest face-plant

  1. No-one should deny the fact that the Earth’s climate is changing – it’s been constantly changing since its very formation. However, the question Matt Kean and other climate morons like him can’t answer is what caused the major warming periods that immediately followed the 4 known ice ages when humans weren’t even on the planet!? The idea, therefore, that humans are entirely to blame for the current apparent warming period is ridiculous. Many scientists believe we may only contribute as little as 3%. Then they have the temerity to believe that us mere humans can actually control our planet’s temperature – good luck trying to do that ?

  2. How did Matt Kean ever win a liberal pre-selection, much less become a minister! He has killed so many koalas and done so much damage to the environment consequent to enacting his policies, yet he hasn’t been sacked for his hopelessness and ineptitude. Now he seeks to take manufacturing jobs away from workers struggling to feed their families, appropo Marie Antoinette’s famous line ‘let them eat cake’. The liberals boast of being a broad church is held up to ridicule by his remaining in the government, given the harm that he inflicts upon our wildlife, and on poor people. He represents less the than 10% of a privileged self righteous segment of the population who know not what they do or say, who have no interest at all in the welfare of their fellow man, and whose 4 wheel drive vehicles remain to leave the bitumen.

  3. The man is an idiot, climate change believers are flat earth era – ask for real scientific proof and you will get “the science is settled” or “Most scientists agree that” but no real proof

  4. Kean has to be joking when he says “new technology is emerging quickly”. There is nothing new in wind and solar power generation except the amount electricity bills have to rise to cover their costs. The newest form of energy generation world wide is from new coal fired power stations that have managed to reduce so called harmful carbon emission to almost zero. But let’s not talk about that as it doesn’t suit Kean’s master’s plan to rape even more investment dollars from tax payers.

  5. Greta Kean, did you try to join the watermelons or Labor, like Turncoat, but they rejected you too? Well, that’s the only explanation I can think of to understand your extreme left ideas.


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