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Two of the biggest reasons the Democrats give as to why illegals are coming and why they should be granted asylum are climate change and “the chance at a better life“; essentially, because they want higher wages.

In the past, neither of those qualified you for asylum. You pretty much had to prove that you had been singled out for execution by a despotic government or had to be fleeing a real, verifiable crisis, not a made-up climate crisis.

If we allow everyone in who wants to earn more money, that would encompass most of the world’s population.

The US has the 8th highest GDP per capita in the world, behind some very small but rich countries: Luxembourg, Singapore, Ireland, Norway, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland, which have a combined population of 37,600,000 people.

So basically, if wanting better economic opportunities was a legitimate reason to be granted asylum, all but 0.5% of the world’s population could claim that they would be richer living in the U.S. That means that over seven and a half billion people would qualify to come to the US if the criteria were that they could earn more money.

As for climate change, they are now using the term “climate migrants.” And to be fair, the climate probably is changing, but that doesn’t mean everyone should be applying for asylum. Ostensibly, the climate is changing everywhere, including the US, so coming to the U.S. wouldn’t help anyone escape climate change.

According to UN data, there has been a 1.8°C increase in temperature since 1951. Are people actually aware of such a small change? And why would it make them leave their home?

NASA data shows that sea level rises by 3.4 mm per year. To put that number in perspective, New York City streets are roughly 400 feet above sea level. At the current rate of sea-level rise, it will take 35,882.35 years for the sea to reach Broadway.

Of course, the climate crowd tells us that the rise is accelerating. It has doubled over the past thirty years. Assuming it doubles again over the next thirty, it will then be rising at a frightening rate of 6.8 mm per year. And it will reach Times Square in less than 17,941 years.

My goodness, won’t someone please think of the children’s great, great… 718 generations, great-grandchildren!

Illegal immigration has doubled over the past four years. Ostensibly, if climate change is the cause, then the effects must also have doubled or dramatically increased during that time.

One reason that is given is that Central America has been increasingly affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and droughts, which have displaced populations and prompted migration to the United States.

Doing some digging, it turns out that there have always been hurricanes, floods, and droughts in Latin America. Hurricanes occur every year between June 1 through November 30.

In fact, in 1899, Hurricane San Ciriaco hit Puerto Rico, and it was the most destructive hurricane in the history of the Caribbean, with heavy rains lasting for 28 days. Of course, the title of the most destructive or strongest hurricane is debatable. Some experts say the Great Hurricane of 1780 was the most powerful.

And there are other hurricanes over the past two hundred years that qualify with the most rainfall, highest barometric pressure, most wind, most deaths, but the bottom line is, hurricanes have always happened. So, they cannot be the cause of illegal migration over the past four years.

Looking into drought, I found an article with scary pictures of dry, parched earth. And the text read, “Already this year, Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo reported their lowest levels of rainfall in 20 years during the November-to-March rainy season.”

This confirms that 21 years ago, there was a worse drought. Checking to see if it is actually raining less, I found this from the EPA: “Since 1901, global precipitation has increased at an average rate of 0.04 inches per decade.”

Therefore, we have established that there is more water and more heat. So, I wanted to check if there was also more food. And yes, crop yields across the globe, including in Latin America, have been trending steadily upward. So, claims that hunger caused by climate change drove illegal immigration over the past four years are illogical.

According to the UNHCR, “By 2050, climate change could force more than an estimated 216 million people to evacuate their homes, leaving their present lives and livelihoods behind, and move to safer areas.”

Here is the answer: People are fleeing their homes today, despite higher rainfall and increased agricultural yields, because they know that by 2050, every place on Earth that is not the United States will become uninhabitable.

There are two possible reasons why illegal immigration has doubled over the past four years. One possibility is that more people became aware of the fact that outside of the United States, the whole world will be uninhabitable.

The other possibility is that there are TikTok and other social media accounts telling people, “If you say climate change, they will let you in.”

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