Australian preschool TV promotes lesbianism

A POPULAR Australian preschool animated TV series has introduced its first same-sex couple.

Bluey was launched in 2018 and was added to Disney+ in 2019, reaching an international audience. The series features seven-year-old sibling puppies Bluey and Bingo, who focus on life lessons geared toward pre-schoolers.

In the season finale, and after more than 150 episodes, in the episode “The Sign”, one of Bluey’s friends discusses his “two mums” saying, “When my guinea pig ran away, my mums told me he might come back, but he didn’t”.

While the reference was subtle, LGBTQ outlets celebrated another opportunity to indoctrinate young children.

Outlet Unilad said the moment “is considered a step forward for LGBTQ representation and the normalisation of same-sex couples appearing within kids’ television.”

Pink News called the inclusion “groundbreaking saying: “Disney+’s animated preschool show Bluey has joined the likes of Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol as a kids’ show that includes LGBTQ+ characters and topics.”

Bluey follows the British preschool animated TV series Peppa Pig, which introduced its first same-sex couple, a lesbian polar bear, in 2022.

In that show, Penny said as she drew a picture of her family, “I live with my mummy and my other mummy. One mummy is a doctor and one mummy cooks spaghetti”.


I’ll be honest, sometimes the glee LGBTQ activists take at seeing the destruction of something that was once wholesome, something that championed mothers and fathers and children’s need for both, is really demoralising. I wondered if the relentless pressure the media was putting…

— Megan Basham (@megbasham) April 15, 2024

I love this response to parent complaints about smuggling LGBTQ marketing into preschool shows. “You can’t shield them forever!” Okay, how about just until they’re old enough to spell their own names? That be okay?

(Also, the subtext here is always the same—give us access to you children.)

— Megan Basham (@megbasham) April 15, 2024

Two mums in Bluey now. Will we ever live in a culture again without woke for children, or is this the new normal?

— Alex Clark (@yoalexrapz) April 14, 2024

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